Camila is one of the most successful Mexican bands of all time, and it is almost impossible to believe that they were born by accident. Camila has captured the hearts of every teenager and adult who has ever fallen in love, and her beautiful melodies and endearing lyrics transport us back to that magical moment where everything changed. Explore Camila’s biography to learn more about her history, first steps, and career.

Summary of Camila’s life

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  • Getting started with training

  • Turn your back on you and stop loving you

  • Elypse and separation

  • Camila and Rosa Negra today

Getting started with training

Mario Domnguez Zarzar, also known as Mario Domm, a composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist from Coahuila, founded the Mexican pop-rock trio Camila in 2005. He was joined by Samuel Parra Cruz -known as Samo-, a singer and composer from Veracruz, and Pablo Hurtado, a guitarist, producer, and audio engineer. They never imagined the great success they would achieve by pooling their talents.


Mario Domm heard Sabo sing in a studio and formed the group. Mario was so impressed with his voice and interpreting style that he invited him to form a group with him. Mario Domm invited Pablo Hurtado to audition later.

Their first single, Abrázame, was released in 2005 under the Sony Music label. Originally, they used their previous name, Speaker, but when they discovered it was already taken, they changed it to Camila. In 2006, he released Todo Cambió, which had an elegant and melodious pop style. A resounding success in sales, this album catapulted the group to fame throughout Latin America.

The motto of Everything Changed was to bring a message of love to its audience. The songs were written and composed by themselves. His homonymous song, Hug Me, and Song Collector are among the most important. Only in Latin America, this album sold over 720,000 units. The band was also nominated for several Billboard Awards in 2008, including Best Album.

Turn your back on you and stop loving you

With the success of her album Todo cambio, Camila decided to go on an extensive two-year tour. As a result, they toured several countries in Latin America as well as the world, spreading her music to every corner of the globe. By doing this, they gained much more notoriety and recognition in the industry, leading renowned artists like Thal*a, Reyli Barba and Kalimba to ask them to compose songs for them.

In 2010, Camila released her second studio album, titled Dejarte de amar, to avoid losing momentum. I’m going by Pablo Hurtado was written by Pablo Hurtado, while What is life for me was written by Mario Domm. In Mexico and the United States, the album was certified quadruple Platinum.


In addition to being nominated in various categories for the Latin Grammy Awards, Camila’s song Lies won best recording of the year and best song of the year.

Their avalanche of recognition continued at the Lo Nuestro Awards, where Mientes was nominated for best song of the year, and Dejarte de amar was nominated for Latin pop album of the year. It was also the best-selling album in Mexico in 2010 in this category.

Elypse and separation

After almost two years of touring, Camila went from being a well-known group to being a world-renowned group. This became evident when they received a gold and silver torch as well as a silver seagull at the Via del Mar Festival. Camila would perform as a trio for the last time.

Due to the deterioration caused by long tours without a break, the band decided to take a break in 2013. Samuel Parra Cruz, known as Samo, left the group after a couple of weeks due to an episode of anxiety he was suffering. There was never any talk of an official separation. He claimed to be trapped, and he needed to find his “creative side” again.

Please note

Camila’s songs have been translated into other languages, for instance Todo Cambió in Portuguese, You lie in Italian and Korean, and Bésame in Italian.

Camila returned to the stage in 2014 as a duo. Samo’s departure led to Mario Domm taking over as main vocalist, while Pablo Hurtado continued to act as producer and guitarist. Their third studio album, Elypse, was released. Various genres were represented on this album, including pop, rock, funk, blues, and others. As a result of Elypse’s tremendous reception, it was certified as a Gold Record within 48 hours.

Today, Rosa Negra and Camila

They were able to create a very complete album, despite the change and adaptation that Camila had to undergo, which positioned them in the first places in Latin America, the United States, and Europe. A few of Elypse’s most notable tracks are You Decided to Leave Me and Sorry.

Mario Domm and Pablo Hurtado decide to break up with Camila in 2017. They formed a new band called Rosa Negra, which included Americans Ian Holmes and Lauren Evans. The themes of this new group include Te confesso and Hearts Roulette.

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