Angel David Revilla (born July 16, 1982) is a Venezuelan youtuber and journalist. He gained fame after uploading videos about his top 7 terrifying, disturbing, and mysterious themes and stories under the pseudonym “DrossRotzank”. Additionally, he has written countless articles for his blog, The Dross Journal, and published several books. Keep reading if you want to know more about Dross’s biography.

Summary of Dross’s life

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  • Horror genres are his favorites

  • YouTube video of the beginnings of Dross

  • As a writer, Dross Rotzank

Horror is one of his favorite genres

Due to the fact that browsing was charged per minute when he was 14 years old, he only used the internet in a very limited way. His alias was derived from his messenger account. The youtuber at that time used Draco (the name of his childhood rottweiler dog) as a nickname, and he first called himself DrossRotzank on

This name is a pun on Darren Drozdov, a former wrestling player that the youtuber remembers with disdain for his attitudes in the ring, and Rotzank, the German breeding home of his dog Draco.

In his youth, Angel was a bookish young man who grew up reading Stephen King, Lovecraft, Agatha Christie, Anne Rice and Jaime Ballestas. Initially, he hosted El Diario de Dross on a free server in 1998. It is mostly a video game website where he publishes different types of posts.

He was most recognized for his biographies of characters he invented; the first was Calamity. Through these articles, he gained followers, who suggested he host his blog on a private server in order to improve it.

Thus, Dross moved to a new paid hosting provider and relaunched El Diario de Dross there, telling more and more disturbing stories with black humor and, of course, imaginings. To surprise, amuse, and troll, DrossRotzank created conversations, stories, chats, and adventures using his great wit.

Because each article could receive 100,000 views, he had to pay more per page, so he worked for a medical journal while pursuing his dream of becoming a writer. He later moved to Argentina and attempted to sell his first book “Luna de Plutón” (written in his teens), which was initially rejected by more than 20 publishers.

YouTube video of the beginnings of Dross

In 2006, he created a YouTube channel primarily for watching videos. In 2008, when his blog had 300,000 views per month, DrossRotzank decided to continue growing. The youtuber’s followers once recommended that he play “I wanna be the guy” after reading their e-mails.

Besides playing the game, he also recorded himself playing it. El Diario de Dross published the link to the video after he uploaded it to YouTube. After this audiovisual work went viral, it reached 5,000 views in a short time, which was a good number at the time.

As he advertised his videos on his personal blog, Dross became known on YouTube. Due to the opportunity to grow and become famous on this platform, the Venezuelan moved away from his blog a bit, since despite his passion and dream to write and publish his books, he decided to prioritize his YouTube channel.

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As he began to receive income from Youtube, he made it a permanent job.

Following her YouTube recognition, she published content on a variety of topics, including her opinions on controversial topics such as atheism, abortion, and feminism; video game and movie reviews, videos showcasing their characters, gameplay, and the famous “Dross answers” and “Dross answers stupid questions.” Her YouTube popularity grew rapidly.

It was evident on his channel, where most of his videos allude to this theme, that DrossRotzank had a fondness for horror, inspired by the writer Stephen King and Lovecraft. This led her to dedicate the entire month of October to Halloween from then on.

On Halloween 2012, he took a break from horror due to the overload of suspenseful material. It was only later that he realized, as a result of the large number of views, that the public liked it.

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His popularity further soared when he dedicated his channel exclusively to thrillers, horror, paranormal cases, and conspiracy theories in 2013.

Dross’ oldest subscribers said they missed his previous content in 2015, when he was at the height of his popularity. As a result, on April 8 of that year, he opened his second channel, “Los Vlogs de Dross”, where he uploaded similar material as on his main channel.

As a writer, Dross Rotzank

“Luna de Pluto” was published on October 1, 2015, by the Planeta publishing house and created by the youtuber when he was still a teenager. The publication was the best-selling in several Latin American countries, allowing him to tour the continent.

The Venezuelan author released his second book, Festival of Blasphemy, on April 14, 2016; it is a dark, twisted story with some black humor. Following the publication of his first book, he published Pluto’s Moon II: The Ysaak War in March of the following year.

“Valle de la calma”, his fourth writing, was released in 2018, but it differed from other works in a couple of ways. It was his first horror publication, and for the first time he used his own name instead of the pseudonym “Dross”.

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