In search of his dream, Santiago Cruz (February 1, 1976) risked everything, armed only with faith, hope and ingenuity. Thousands of Latin Americans have been captivated by the lyrics of this Colombian artist, which are dedicated to love, heartbreak, disappointment, and passion, plunging us into an unstoppable frenzy. He was also a UN goodwill ambassador, helping those in need. Would you like to know more? Santiago Cruz’s biography tells the story of him.

Summary of Santiago Cruz’s life

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  • Leaving your comfort zone

  • Trajectory of music

  • Santiago Cruz’s first accomplishment

Leaving your comfort zone

On February 1, 1976, Santiago Cruz Vélez was born in Ibagué, the capital of the department of Tolima (Colombia). He was raised by Germán Cruz and Fabiola Vélez, who separated when he was two years old. After completing high school and completing a year of military service, Santiago decided to travel to Bogota to study Finance and International Relations at the prestigious Externado de Colombia University.

At night, Santiago Cruz sang covers of well-known artists in bars. After working at a nightclub in Bogotá called El Sitio for several years, he decides to leave his comfort zone and embark on a trip to Spain to fulfill his true dream: to be a professional singer. In the late 1990s, he arrived in Spain with no money and depended on the goodwill of some friends for accommodation.


Despite studying Finance and International Relations for the sake of pleasing his mother, Santiago Cruz never felt comfortable being called an entrepreneur or a graduate. His passion was always composing and performing songs, and he dreamed of making a living as a musician.

While in Spain, he worked very hard to promote himself and record demos, always looking for someone who could finance his project. The miracle started Santiago Cruz’s musical career when he was almost without hope.

Trajectory of music

Solo until today was his first studio album, released in 2003, which contained the single Over and over again. Using this theme, she gained recognition and opened doors for her promotion in the music industry. His second album, Sentidos, was released in 2006 and showed a very sentimental and deep side to him. Vanderlei Silva and Jaques Morelenbaum participated in Senses.

During the period from 2006 to 2009, he focused on creating his third album. In this time, Santiago Cruz only participated in a few small projects and collaborations with other artists, as well as a couple of performances abroad to promote his previous albums. The album that would change Santiago’s life arrived in 2009: Cruce de Caminos.

Santiago Cruz’s first success

Cruz wrote 11 songs for Cruce de Caminos, and Fernando Osorio composed one with him. This album was released under the Sony label. It featured outstanding songs such as *Y si que tiene qué? His Latin American community recognized him for his songs like En Tus Zapatos.

Cruce de Caminos was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2010 for best singer-songwriter album. This was only the first of what would be a flood of nominations. A total of 11 nominations were received between 2010 and 2011, including two Latin Grammy nominations and nine Nuestra Tierra Awards nominations.

Santiago Cruz’s third recording, Cruce de Caminos, was certified Gold and Platinum in Colombia and Gold in Venezuela, becoming the Colombian’s first international recognition.


In 2011, Santiago Cruz was elected UN Goodwill Ambassador in Colombia, a position that would enable him to make a positive difference in the world.

An acoustic version of Cruce de Caminos was released in 2011 in Bogotá, which contained all the songs from his previous album as well as an unpublished song. A Double Platinum certificate was quickly awarded to this album. In 2012, she released her fourth album De ella A Quien Corresponda, which was certified platinum in Colombia. Santiago composed 12 songs for this production, which was co-produced by Nacho Mañó.

Equilibrio, released in 2014, was well received and received a Latin Grammy nomination. There are songs on this album such as Nobody can break us and Someone is always leaving. His sixth album, Trains, planes and interplanetary trips, included songs such as Coffee with a hug and As if nothing existed.

The single Nos Callamos was released in 2018 along with the album Elementales – The first season, a collection of his best and most elementary works.

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