In the history of music, Elvis Presley (1935-1977) marked a before and after. Through his charisma and personality, he offered his fans unforgettable experiences, and different performers have tried unsuccessfully to emulate his unique style over the years. Elvis Presley’s biography tells you everything you need to know about his life.

Summary of Elvis Presley’s life

The index

  • An entirely new sound

  • Elvis Presley’s fury

  • The big screen

  • Elvis Presley’s real return

  • The latest projects from Hawaii

New sounds

Presley was born Elvis Aaron Presley on January 8, 1935, in Tupelo, Mississippi. Presley’s parents, Gladys Love Presley and Vernon Elvis Presley, were expecting twins, but Elvis’s brother died during childbirth. After moving to Memphis, the young man developed a deep love for music, and at 15 he joined a local band that played small events.


At the age of 11, Elvis Presley received his first guitar. He sold it for eight dollars to a store in Texas in 1954, and the owner threw it away. Researchers estimate that it could be worth millions of dollars at the moment.

Upon graduating from high school, Elvis Presley rented a small studio from Sun Records to record two songs: My Happiness and That’s When Your Heartaches Begin. Phillips was looking for a white singer who could convey the sound of the African-American interpreters of the era. After hearing one of Elvis’ recordings, Scotty Moore and Bill Black invited him to audition.

Elvis Presley’s fury

He began appearing frequently on Louisiana Hayride in 1955. Sun Records released several singles that had significant sales because of his growing popularity in the region. After receiving numerous offers, Elvis Presley signed a contract with RCA Records, the label with which he released his first album.

Elvis Presley was just 19 when I first saw him in Texas. He had an incredible amount of energy. It was impressive to see him move and sing on pure instinct. In fact, he had no idea how to interpret it. He had never seen anything like it, no cultural element could be compared to it. Roy Orbison.

For months, Elvis Presley’s debut album topped the music charts. With his appearances on different television shows, the singer’s popularity spread across the country. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Elvis released five albums between 1956 and 1957, including the soundtracks to Brothers and Rivals (Love Me Tenderly) and Loving You.

Presented on a large screen

Elvis Presley served in the United States Army between 1958 and 1960. A squadron sent to Germany forced him to put his career on hold. However, RCA and his representative had adequately prepared. In order to maintain their popularity, the label released previously recorded singles such as My Ring Around Your Neck , One Night and A Big Hunk O’ Love .

Following his discharge from the army, Elvis Presley immediately returned to the studio and released Elvis Is Back! The year was 1960. While the album was well received, Elvis was determined to pursue an acting career. He appeared in more than 20 films over the next seven years, all of which did well commercially but received almost unanimously negative reviews.

Elvis Presley’s real return

There were some well-received songs on the Elvis movie soundtracks. The legendary Viva Las Vegas and Can’t Help Falling in Love are among them. Although his popularity had decreased considerably, only the most loyal fans continued to listen to his songs. As a result of a creative conflict between music and acting, he married Priscilla Beaulieu in 1967. Elvis’s only daughter, Lisa Marie, was born a year later.

In 1968, Elvis Presley made a triumphant return to music with a successful NBC Christmas special. Upon releasing his tenth album a year later, he wasted no time. Unlike the records released in the last eight years, From Elvis in Memphis was not part of a soundtrack. The album was a success and led to memorable singles such as Suspicious Minds and Kentucky Rain.

The latest projects from Hawaii

Elvis Presley toured the United States several times in the early 1970s. Live albums and documentary films were released from many of these concerts, which were hugely successful. The Aloha From Hawaii concert in 1973 reflected his renaissance in popularity. Later that year, he began dating Linda Thompson after splitting from Priscilla.


The first event broadcast globally via satellite was Aloha From Hawaii. Over 40 countries watched it and millions of dollars were spent on it. Over one billion people watched it, making it one of the most watched television broadcasts in history.

In 1975, Elvis Presley recorded his last studio album, Elvis Today. His Tennessee mansion, Graceland, became his final resting place two years later, on August 16, 1977. More than 80,000 people attended his funeral, and at least 10 singles recorded between 1973 and 1976 were released after his death. A popular tourist destination in the United States, Graceland opened to the public in 1982.

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