He is known for making gameplays on his YouTube channel, mostly Minecraft and Call of Duty video games, as Willyrex (May 9, 1993). Additionally, he owns two YouTube channels. “Willyrex” and “TheWillyrex” are the names of the first and second, respectively. You will find many more details in Willyrex’s biography, such as the millions of subscribers he has between the two channels. 

Summary of Willyrex’s life 

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  • Early years of Willyrex

  • Videos are being uploaded by Willyrex

  • What made him famous?

  • Activities outside of YouTube

Early years of Willyrex

Guillermo was born in Madrid and grew up there with his parents and younger sister. His dream was to become a pilot, and he had been an outstanding student since he was a child. As a child, he played futsal and swam. The practice of this last sport discipline served as a basis for him to obtain a title as a lifeguard.

In order to develop his intellect, his parents gave him some educational video games so he could start playing video games from a very young age.

Videos are being uploaded by Willyrex

In the early days of gaming, Willyrex had always wanted to share his gameplay with close friends, however the games did not support online streaming. As a result, he bought a laptop and recorded himself playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

His first audiovisual work was uploaded to YouTube on September 2, 2010 (one year after he created his first channel), and it is entitled “MW2: Where amazing happens (I)”. Despite being just 39 seconds long, this video gained thousands of views quickly.

As he studied in forums and watched gameplays from other Anglo-Saxon youtubers, he decided to start commenting on his own videos.

Please note

He named his channel Willyrex after combining William, whose abbreviation is Willy, and Rex, whose Latin translation is “King.”.

The early days of Guillermo’s channel were difficult for him to upload videos regularly. He was allowed to play video games only on weekends because his parents wanted him to maintain a good academic record.

During his last year of high school, he got up an hour earlier than usual so that he could prepare and upload his videos to comply with the channel responsibly. In addition to his constancy, this characteristic has been well received by his subscribers ever since.

In addition to Grand Theft Auto, ARK, Far Cry, Happy Wheels, and Minecraft, Willyrex has incorporated content from other video games.

As soon as he graduated high school, he enrolled to study Business Administration. Despite this, he dropped out in the first year because he couldn’t study and play at the same time.

It was at that point that he decided to dedicate himself fully to the YouTube channel. In order to gain his approval and continue with his new job, the influencer decided to enroll in an English course to appease his parents.

What made him famous?

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) was one of Guillermo’s big dreams in 2012.

A few months after participating in this event, Willyrex started his second YouTube channel, TheWillyrex, focusing on the video game Minecraft and gaining a lot of popularity.


He has collaborated with youtubers such as ElRubius, Mangel, Alexby, and Vegetta during his YouTube career. His life and career have been greatly influenced by the latter.

What you do outside of YouTube

Besides his YouTube gameplays, Willyrex also publishes books with Vegetta. In 2015, he released “Wigetta: a magical world” with Vegetta.

Another collaboration with the youtuber sTaXx was entitled “Tiny: a little great adventure”  (2016). A sequel was released a year later, entitled “Tiny 2: a mysterious, strange, and enigmatic discovery.”.

Among Willyrex’s other songs is “Miners in the sun” (2014), a parody of “Lovers in the sun”, in collaboration with Liberty Mario. For “In what place did I get lost?” (2015), he collaborated with the rapper Lytos.

In August 2016, he released his third song, ” YOU & I “. Her first 360° music video also features Lytos as a vocalist. Similarly, she produced the song “Infinite”, interpreted by Brock Ansiolitiko.

He participated with 99 other gamers in El Rubius’ Fortnite tournament in “Battle Royale” mode on March 25, 2018. Also, in 2018, he took part in another competition for the same game, which Epic Games held, in which more than 100 gamers, content creators, and artists competed.

Willyrex and Prince Royce placed sixth in said tournament. A donation of $70,000 was made to charity by the winners.

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