In 2009, Barack Obama (August 4, 1961) became the first African-American president in American history. Since John F. Kennedy’s day, no president had moderately achieved the popularity of this former senator. Stay and read more about Barack Obama’s biography to understand how politics is lived in the United States.

Summary of Barack Obama’s biography

The index

  • The world’s man

  • Interests of Barack Obama in the Community

  • Achieving the American dream

  • Hope for change

  • The presidency of Barack Obama is unique and unrepeatable

Worldly man

Barack Hussein Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on August 4, 1961. Obama grew up with a rather interesting cultural mix thanks to his Kenyan father and American mother. During his childhood, his parents’ work allowed him to travel around the world, including Indonesia, where he lived for several years and received his first education.

Barack Obama’s busy life came to an end when his mother returned to Hawaii permanently. His maternal grandparents raised him, in large part, during this time. In 1979, Barack graduated with honors from various public schools in Honolulu. He moved to Los Angeles this year to study at Occidental College, where he started studying this year.

Though he lived in Los Angeles like any other university student, he never adapted to the Los Angeles lifestyle. In order to attend Columbia University, Barack Obama began applying for scholarships and student loans. In 1983, Obama graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts.

Community Interests of Barack Obama

A key component of Barack Obama’s political and social character was the trips he took as a child. Indonesia, a country with an alarming poverty rate, forged in Obama an early interest in community and civil rights.

After graduating from university, Obama settled in Chicago after leaving New York. During his time in the Windy City, Barack Obama worked for public sector humanitarian groups. As a lawyer, he graduated with honors from Harvard University in 1991 with the intention of expanding his knowledge.

Achieving the American dream

In Chicago, African-American communities played a key role in Barack Obama’s political consolidation. Barack Obama was able to provide a more than necessary voice for those marginalized social groups and separated by the political-economic system of the country, despite not being a native of the city. As a result, Obama received not only electoral support, but also economic support from the Christian communities.

We came not to fear the future, we came to shape it, to make it ours. Barack Obama.

Obama gradually rose to power in the United States as a result of these alliances. In 1996 until 2004, he served as a senator for the state of Illinois. During this time, Obama made very clear his political positions and aspirations regarding racial discrimination and gun control. Obama was considered one of the top Democratic Party representatives by the end of 2004 as a result of this leadership.

Hope for change

Barack Obama launched into the presidential waters of the Democratic party in 2008 with an undeniable force and charisma that enveloped anyone. The American society longed for a radical change in its political structure at that time. Obama became a kind of superhero in every corner of the country as a result of social discontent in the country.

With this victory, and with a landslide majority, Obama became the first African-American president in United States history. Despite adversities and traditionalisms, Obama made history by beating Republican John McCain and showing that some changes can be made despite adversity.

The presidency of Barack Obama is unique and unrepeatable

During Barack Obama’s first presidential term, the ovation was unmistakable. At the time, the main issue was the growing tension between the United States and Iraq, who were engaged in a bloody war. The so-called war against terrorism ended with Osama Bin Laden’s assassination.

It is also important for you to know…

In the history of the United States, Barack Obama has been one of the most popular presidents. Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé, Ellen DeGeneres, and Paul McCartney were great allies during their presidential campaigns.

Their reforms in the areas of education, health, and arms control, however, made their governments somewhat controversial. Barack Obama’s diplomatic rapprochement with Cuba, after more than a decade of political apartheid, transformed him into a clearly liberal president with revolutionary ideals.

Obama, like any good leader, also made some enemies along the way. Republican critics strongly criticized his reelection in 2012, believing that his political maneuvering would lead to a serious economic downturn rather than help the country. Obama’s accomplishments continued until the end of his last term as president in 2017, when he handed over power to business magnate Donald Trump.

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