In 1971, Elon Reeve Musk was born. He is an engineer, investor, and entrepreneur in the tech industry. Tesla Motors and PayPal were co-founded by him, as well as his own space center and renewable energy provider, SolarCity. Through his companies, he works on projects as large as Mars colonization, a train that travels at 1600 km/h, neural technology that integrates the human brain with artificial intelligence, and many more! There are many more! Find out how Elon Musk broke the limits of what was thought possible in this biography!

A brief biography of Elon Musk

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  • A book-loving gifted mind is born

  • American soil is visited by Elon Musk

  • Understanding the capital of technology

  • An entrepreneur’s rise to wealth

A book-loving gifted mind is born

In Pretoria (South Africa), he was born. Her father was a South African engineer and her mother was a Canadian nutritionist and model. Musk has dreamed about becoming an astronaut and traveling to Mars since he was a child. His favorite genre was science fiction, as he enjoyed stories with wild futures and imaginary technology that perhaps humanity could one day have. Because he was a very curious boy, he was always exploring when he wasn’t reading.

Back then, video games and personal computers were still a novelty when he was 10 years old. Musk decided he wanted to create his own, so he saved money from his allowance to buy his first computer and write his own programs. When he was 12 years old, he had already created a video game called Blast Star, selling it to a computer magazine for $500.

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There can be no doubt that our protagonist combined technological intelligence with business sense. Apparently, he had already taken an IBM test at this age, which revealed that he already possessed the knowledge to work as a programmer for the company.

In addition to primary school, he attended Pretoria Boys High School, which was a difficult stage for him, as he could not enjoy a full social life, which led him to take refuge in his books and computers. .

By this time, I had a very lonely life, and South Africa wasn’t exactly in its best shape either; it had a regime against the rights of people of color that our entrepreneur disagreed with, and it also forced white men to join the military after high school (which meant serving in favor of the racist government policies).

A visit to American soil by Elon Musk

The main character began to think of ways to escape what he imagined would be an unfavorable future by joining the South African military; he always dreamed of going to the United States, because he would say: “America is a place where great things are possible.”

Her mother wanted to return to her Canadian land at the time her parents divorced, so she couldn’t go to North America until that time. From Canada, he knew it was easy to get to the United States, so he decided to go with her against her father’s wishes, who said he would not pay for her college unless he went to South Africa. I have no doubt that he was willing to risk what he believed to be right.

Our entrepreneur studied at Queen’s University in Canada. In 1992, he won a scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania, where he would study economics and physics while living on very little money.

Elon Musk developed his technical skills and experience during this time while working for a professor at his university who was researching electrolytic ultracapacitors for electric vehicles. When he graduated, he was eager to get out into the real world, but he had no idea how to make his mark. He was clear about three areas where he considered there were important problems to solve: the Internet, renewable energy, and the passion he found in comics during his childhood: space.

Technology’s capital

In 1995, Elon Musk is accepted into Stanford University’s PhD program in Applied Physics and Materials Science, so he heads to California, where Silicon Valley is the heart of the technology world. In this place, our entrepreneur met all kinds of people who were doing what he wanted to do: start technology companies that could change the world, since the Internet was just getting started.

After two days at Stanford, our one-of-a-kind man dropped out and started his own business with a friend and his brother: Zip2. Our character said, “I could just be a spectator, or I could be a part of it as well.”.

For media companies, Zip2 developed, hosted and maintained websites. Because of his tight finances, Elon was forced to sleep in his office constantly.

We had to stay programming seven days a week, all the time, because the site was open 24 hours a day. Because he was not trying to become rich, he was simply chasing an opportunity to achieve his goals.

An entrepreneur’s rise to wealth

By February 1999, Elon Musk had managed to manage almost 200 websites, demonstrating that he had chosen a winning idea. At only 28 years old, our particular man became a multi-millionaire after selling his company to Compaq Computer for $300 million.

With millions in his bank account, our entrepreneur could have spent the rest of his life calm and secure. Instead, he decided to start another project, developing the web portal, a financial services and e-mail payment company that would become PayPal. During that time, Elon Musk noticed that many people were making payments online; however, there was no reliable and safe method. By 2001, he would already be selling his company to eBay for 1.5 billion dollars, proving that he was right.

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Among the PayPal staff were the future founders of YouTube and LinkedIn. Our entrepreneur had a whole champion team, no doubt about it!

As soon as Musk sold PayPal, he became extremely wealthy, which made everything look great in his life; however, despite the fact that at that point he had already conquered the Internet, it was only one of his areas of interest, which is why he began to work on new projects soon after.

Musk was disappointed with America’s space programs in the summer of 2002, as human spaceflight was on the decline and NASA still used old technology. It seemed that no one was interested in further advancements, so if he wanted to go into space, he had to build his own spaceship. SpaceX is its first space company dedicated to developing and producing space launches at a low cost and with high reliability.

At first, our entrepreneur wasn’t doing well with this company, since his first three pitches were total flops, and he was forced to invest 100 million dollars in it. It was to this event that he reacted with a strong persistence that had been a hallmark of his childhood that finally enabled the fourth launch to succeed. “If that fourth pitch hadn’t worked, that would have been it. We didn’t have the resources to launch a fifth,” Musk added later.

In order to protect their money against loss of capital, most men, upon reaching a certain point of wealth after selling a company, tend to invest in low-risk assets, thus acting conservatively and safely. However, our businessman thought very differently from the rest, and for this reason, he invested a large part of his money in SpaceX, a delicate space company that couldn’t guarantee a return on his investment.

When the money he had left was no longer needed, he invested it in a company called Tesla Motors and in a company called SolarCity; the first was dedicated to the development of electric cars (which no one had been able to profit from until he came into the industry), and the second was dedicated to the development of clean energy through the use of solar rays, thus combating global warming. Assisting renewable energy’s growth.

Even with all these investments, Elon Musk even goes so far as to ask for loans to continue betting on his companies ; However, despite all the problems, failures and risks, our entrepreneur has managed to carry out all his companies to this day, and is currently investing in a variety of technological development projects that promote the expansion of humanity.

Our entrepreneur did indeed possess unique abilities from a very early age that helped him achieve success, but it was only his perseverance and hard work that took him to the top.

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