Are there any other Liverpool idols besides The Beatles? It would be fair to say that Steven Gerrard (May 30, 1980, Liverpool, England) is one of them. There were three things that this English footballer was known for: playing in all midfield positions, wearing his club’s shirt more than 700 times, and winning the UEFA Champions League after coming back from 0-3 against AC Milan. Continue reading this Steven Gerrard biography to learn more about him.

Summary of Steven Gerrard’s life

The index

  • Arrival at the Liverpool children’s club and Premier League debut

  • Istanbul Miracle: Champions League’s Best Final!

  • The Liverpool crisis and Steven Gerrard’s withdrawal from the team

Arrival at the Liverpool children’s club and Premier League debut

Taking his first steps in an amateur team in his hometown, Steven was a very precocious footballer. At the age of 9, he was signed by Liverpool FC scouts for the lower categories of the club despite his youth and understanding of the game. Initially, he played as a striker, but one of his coaches decided to switch him to midfield at the age of 13.

As the years passed, Gerrard focused on his dream of succeeding with Liverpool and winning many titles. The 18-year-old made his debut with the first team in November 1998, and later got his first start.

As a result of an injury he suffered at the end of the 1999-2000 season, he had to undergo surgery up to four times. Nevertheless, tough situations require tough people, and Gerrard proved that adversity was made for him to overcome.

When he was 21, he had one of his best seasons, playing more than 30 games as a starter and scoring 10 goals, a rare number for a midfielder. That year he won the Premier League Best Player Award for his versatility and powerful shot that would earn him recognition as one of the world’s best shooters.

He was recognized on multiple occasions as the best midfielder in the Premier League during the following seasons. Gerrard had already become a Red fans’ idol by 2004.

Istanbul Miracle: The Best Champions League Final Ever!

As the most successful team at the time, Liverpool had an up and down season during the 2004-2005 season, with several failures that led them to withdraw once again from winning the Premier League, a trophy they hadn’t won since 1990. in the competition. In the UEFA Champions League, things were different.

Chelsea, which had just been crowned Premier League champion that year, was eliminated in the semifinals of the UCL. It is considered one of the best finals in the history of the tournament as they face AC Milan.


With England, Gerrard never had a chance to win a title.

It was a miserable start for the Reds, as Maldini put the Italians ahead in minute 2, and Crespo added 2-0 and 3-0 in less than 30 minutes. However, football is Russian roulette, and Gerrard would hit the winner with a header in the second half.

The fear on the faces of the Milan players after his teammates scored 2-3 was really a poem. After Steve rubs the lamp again and slips into the rival area, Gennaro Gattuso awards him a penalty; 3-3, and the whole world is left with a poker face. Dudek, Liverpool’s goalkeeper, made two saves to win the final on penalties.

In the final, Gerrard establishes himself as a top player in the world. Against the same rival two years later, he reached the Champions League final (Athens, 2007), but this time the Italians would win.

The Liverpool crisis and Steven Gerrard’s withdrawal from the team

After a string of poor performances by its key figures, including Gerrard , Liverpool entered a crisis of institutional and sporting proportions. Their last Champions League qualification was in 2013. As a result, Steven missed many games during this period due to his injuries.

He retired from playing for the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2016 after announcing his decision to leave the club in 2015. Steven didn’t move away from football, however, since in 2018 he returned to the pitch, this time as Rangers coach.

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