Rubén Doblas Gundersen (February 13, 1990) is the Spanish YouTuber with the most subscribers worldwide. He is known for his video game gameplays as well as his funny chatroulette video calls on his YouTube channel, elrubiusOMG. Check out the biography of El Rubius to learn more about the life of this famous influencer.

Summary of El Rubius’ biography

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Between Spain and Norway: The Rubius’ childhood

Born in Malaga, Spain, El Rubius is of Spanish and Norwegian descent. After his parents divorced, he moved to Norway with his mother at the age of three. As a result, he had friends of many nationalities in his environment.

Rubén’s mother soon began a relationship with another Spaniard, who he nicknamed “The Godfather” because he struggled to say “dad” when his friends asked who he was.

Later, the Rubius moved to Madrid, so they returned to Spain. He started school at age 6; however, he had a difficult time adapting because he was somewhat shy and was still learning Spanish.

His last step was to make friends with children his own age who shared his interests: video game consoles and cartoons. Once again, he had difficulty adjusting to his new institute when he started ESO (Compulsory Secondary School).

When El Rubius was 16, her mother and her new partner separated, so she returned to Norway. During this time, she met two of her closest friends in the country, as well as Mangelrogel, with whom she played video games for hours.

He had good friends and was able to do what he liked during this time. His studies improved remarkably during this time. With the help of one of his teammates, he started uploading videos about the games he played in 2006. After completing his secondary studies, he moved to Spain with his mother’s old partner and started a career in 3D editing and modeling.

The YouTube platform was his first foray

A video game enthusiast throughout his life, Rubius and his friend Mangel decided to rent a flat together after meeting online.

At that moment, Rubén started on YouTube, posting gamer content, since he and his friend found it funny, and they thought other people would enjoy it as well. His first channel appeared in 2008, and is called Rubius Z. His first video on the channel is titled, “- Why YOU should wear helmets- GTA IV Video Editor.”. High Definition.

In order to increase subscribers, he uploaded videos of Skyrim, an ARPG ( Action Role-Playing Games ). He gained fame, however, when he created his second channel, elrubiusOMG, on December 19, 2011.

He uploaded gameplay footage of various video games, including GTA V and Garry’s Mod. Despite only lasting one minute and 27 seconds, Skyrim – He can’t talk to giants was produced in 2012 and achieved a large number of views.

Projects by El Rubius

In 2012, elrubiusOMG was ranked number one in Spain for most subscribers, and it reached one million subscribers in 2013. A little by little, he decided to take another step in his career while becoming one of the world’s most famous gamers.

As of 2014, Rubius published his first book, The Troll Book, which is based on jokes that can be played on other people.


In its first week of release, this book sold 40,300 copies.

A year later, as YouTube celebrated its tenth anniversary, the gamer reached 10 million subscribers and got his diamond button. Later, Risto Mejide interviewed him on Antena 3’s Al rincón about how fame changed his life.

Internet allows me to be myself and people accept me as I am. In comparison to recording for television, I feel much more comfortable recording for YouTube.

El Rubius: Virtual Hero , a video game-themed book starring Rubius himself, was released in September of the same year. His sequel, Virtual Hero 2: The Impossible Tower, was released in June 2016, and in late 2018, an anime based on the comics was announced.

As part of the Fortnite video game tournament he held on March 25, 2018, 100 gamers from the YouTube platform participated. He became the first live broadcaster to surpass one million viewers with this tournament.

Despite this, Rubén uploaded a video to his YouTube channel on May 24 titled Me voy a da un tiempo, explaining that he no longer felt comfortable making videos at the time, and it became increasingly difficult to portray “the Rubius” in front of the camera. In order to clear his mind and work on new ideas, he decided to take a vacation and pause his channel.

He participated in a Fortnite tournament, held by Epic Games (the company behind the video game), in which 50 gamers and 50 influencers took part. PartyNextDoor, a Canadian rapper, was his playmate.

The youtuber returned to the platform in September, four months after announcing his partial retirement. He declared that he would change his carcass drastically, show everyone his return, and return to being the old Rubius.

It must be hard to keep a character in front of the camera, making them appear more animated than they are. Despite life’s blows, the Rubius has demonstrated that we will always devote ourselves to what we love.

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