Jorge Celedón (March 4, 1968) places us in an emotional fluctuation with each of his songs. His themes range from love to heartbreak, disappointment to betrayal, taking vallenato to a whole new level. The acclaimed artist, winner of numerous Latin Grammy awards, always puts on a great show for us. In the biography of Jorge Celedón, we will learn more about the career of this illustrious Colombian.

Summary of Jorge Celedón’s biography

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  • The blood of Vallenato

  • Binomial Theorem

  • Soloist Jorge Celedón

  • A brief biography of myself and my awards

  • Jorge Celedón’s latest productions

The blood of Vallenato

He was born in Villanueva, located in La Guajira, Colombia, on March 4, 1967. Mara Guerra and Alfonso Celedón are his parents. In Jorge’s family, music and partying were always a part of life. He was invited to sing the theme Provincial drama as a duet by his uncle Daniel Celedón, who was well known in the municipality for his vallenato singing. His career began with this fact.

As a young man from a family of vallenato singers, Jorge Celedón fell in love with this trade. With the support of his uncle Daniel de él, he decided to try it despite the family’s financial difficulties. Having just turned 16, he recorded a song with his brother, who also devoted himself to music, Sue*os de ni*ez, which gave them some recognition in their province.

He had to fight to achieve fame, since it wasn’t easy. In 1996, he is invited by Beto Villa, who plays accordion, and together with Luis “El Negro” Villa, Beto’s brother, they form the Los Nobles group. After that, they released an album called Bella Ilusión, which contained hit songs like Lejos de ti and Vivir sin ti, which opened up a world of possibilities for Jorge.

A Golden Binomial

He was introduced to Binomio de Oro by accordion player Israel Romero in 1996. Eventually, Jorge Celedón and Jean Carlos Centeno would become leading voices. The perfect match between his voices marked the beginning of one of vallenato’s most successful eras.

With A tu gusto, he performed successful songs such as I’m leaving you, Baila feliz, and Como te olvido as a duet with Jean Carlos Centeno. In 1997, they released the album Seguimos por lo alto, which included the songs Different destinations and I will make you happy. In 1998, their album 2000 was released with many of their best-remembered hits, including Osito sleepyhead, Olv*dala and They won’t forget me.

Soloist Jorge Celedón

Jorge Celedón decided to retire from the Binomio de Oro in 1999 to try his luck as a soloist despite being very comfortable and grateful with the group. Romántico soy, his first production as a soloist, was released under the Sony Music label in 2000, featuring accordionist Jimmy Zambrano. Public response to the theme, I will not forget you, was very positive.

His second production, Llévame en tus sueos, was released in 2001, and included songs such as They won’t be able to separate us and For your first kiss. Her subsequent hits include Ay hombe, Dejó me solo, Cuatro rosas and Esta vida. A solid fan base was established through these songs, all of which became vallenato classics.


Ay hombre, a charity founded in 2004 by Jorge Celedón, aims to eradicate illiteracy, child labor, and poverty in Latin America.

On his album Greatest Hits Live, he compiled his best songs. Jimmy Zambrano, accordion player of the Bogota Symphony Orchestra, participated in the concert. Songs such as Qué bonita es esta vida, which was the album’s promotional theme, stand out from this production. The Latin Grammy Awards nominated this wonderful work.

Awards and personal life

Son para el mundo, a cumbia/vallenato album, received his first Latin Grammy award in 2007. He also advanced plans for a US tour that year. After getting married in 2008, he had his first child, Santiago, in 2009.

A Mexican group 3 de copas, in which Ral Ornelas was a member, recorded La invitación in 2009. Her 2011 release What You Need featured a promotional theme of the same name.

After a long history of success, Jorge Celedón and Jimmy Zambrano separate paths in 2013. This did not stop the Colombian from releasing Celedón sin fronteras that same year, which featured duets with the most important artists. Luis Miguel, Franco de Vita, Amaia Montero, and Scar de León are among them. Nominated for a Latin Grammy Award for best cumbia/vallenato album, this album was a resounding success.

He released Simply in 2014, which included the single What I don’t like about you, which was well received in Colombia and Latin America. Thank you Lord is the theme she launched for the year 2015 to thank God for all the blessings he has given her. One of the most successful vallenato singers in history, he won his third Latin Grammy for this song.

When I’m feeling down, I think of those parties and wonderful songs from my countrymen and that cheers me up. It’s what I want for my music, that people feel happy when they listen to it. Jorge Celedon.

Jorge Celedón’s latest productions

In 2017, Jorge Celedón teamed up with Sergio Luis Rodriguez to create his next album, which is titled Ni un paso back. Featuring 11 songs written by both artists, this album is full of joy and romance.

In the same year, Not a Step Back won the Latin Grammy Award for best cumbia/vallenato album for the fourth time.


In honor of Colombia’s independence anniversary, President George W. Bush invited Jorge Celedón to the White House on July 22, 2008. When President Bush, going against protocol, asked him to sing another song, the Colombian sang two of his songs and was about to return to his seat.

The song was a resounding success, from which a remix was later released with the collaboration of the urban music group Alkilados, giving it a unique blend of its style.

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