Using songs that reach deep inside our hearts and deep verses as a personal brand, the Mexican Ral Ornelas (June 23) motivates us to love with intensity. His other well-known songs include Qué voy a hacer con mi amor, sung by Alejandro Fernández, and Cosiéndome el corazón, sung by Thal*a. Take a look at our biography of Ral Ornelas to learn more about the history of this emblematic Chiapas!

A brief biography of Ral Ornelas

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  • The first steps of Ral Ornelas

  • Exiled Ornelas

  • Three drinks with friends

  • Artist collaborations

The first steps of Ral Ornelas

Ral Ornelas Toledo was born in Chiapas, Mexico. The son of Carlos Ornelas and Isabel Toledo. He began playing the guitar in high school when he took music classes. Until he woke up during music classes, Ornelas never imagined he would be on stage. In various inter-school contests, he showed excellent results, demonstrating his innate talent for composition.

After high school, he studied Business Administration in Veracruz, Mexico. Later, when he discovers his immense latent talent, he decides to leave her. In the evenings, she frequented bars to play and sing songs by Sabina, José Alfredo Jiménez, and others.

Please note

He studied music for two years thanks to an invitation made by a Televisa producer he met in one of these bars.

Exiled Ornelas

After studying music for two years, Raúl Ornelas returned to Mexico City and participated in a composition workshop that completely changed his life. Upon recording his first song and receiving a job offer as a singer-songwriter, he released Ornelas in exile (1999), his first record. It featured 12 songs, all written by him, and was released on the Polygram label.


Upon hearing Ral Ornelas’ first song, Alguien está entre los dos, a producer immediately offered him a contract as a singer-songwriter.

Featuring songs such as Gato y pantera, this was the album that launched Ral Ornelas’s career. During the workshop, Ornelas was able to perform this song thanks to the intervention and insistence of his teachers.

Three drinks with friends

His second record, Manual de lo prohibido (2002), was released with Sony Music and included 12 songs written by him. The public enjoyed themes such as Las cartas sobre la mesa and Gotitas de miel.

After joining two of his closest friends, Jaime Flores and Luis Carlos Monroy, he formed group 3 of Cups. He released a self-titled album in 2004, which included songs such as My love, As I would like, and This life. In Mexico, it received a Gold Record shortly after its release.

Milagritos, their second album, was released in 2006, and was very well received by the public, turning the band into one of the most successful of the moment. As part of their tour, they covered much of Latin America and the United States.


In addition to being invited by many other artists, Group 3 of Cups shared the stage with Alejandro Fernández, Ricardo Arjona, and Juan Gabriel himself.

Artist collaborations

Throughout his career, the now renowned singer-songwriter composed songs for world-renowned artists. A song like Little Star in the Morning and Go Fly, for example, illustrates this.

Some of the songs he composed for Alejandro Fernández and Thala are the most well-known, including Qué voy a hacer con mi amor and Cosiéndome el corazón.

Ral released his third solo album with Edgar Oceransky in 2009, a compilation of their hits as composers, two real fools, while still in 3 de Copas. In 2010, he released My Left Side, one of his most emotional works.

An unpar de granujas was released in 2012, accompanied by Lazcano Malo, containing songs like Sirena, Te amo and Zombie. His fourth solo record, Stopping Time, follows in 2013. El mismo que vista y calza left a deep impression on the hearts of his fans in 208.

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