Andrew Camarata: Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Biography, and More

Andrew Camarata is an American handyman, entrepreneur and YouTuber who has captured the attention worldwide with his captivating YouTube labor videos. Camarata has a YouTube channel with over 900,000. His videos showcase his expertise in excavation and property maintenance. Each video receives between 25,000 and one million views.

Personal Details:

Andrew Camarata, born in Saugerties on November 12, 1985 is now 38 years old. He stands at 5’8″ and weighs approximately 65kg. His eyes are green and his hair is brown.

Family Background

Andrew comes from a family that is deeply rooted in the machinery and property maintenance world. Andrew B Camarata is both an expert mechanic and artisan. Together, the two run a successful business that specializes in property maintenance.


Andrew, who has been learning repair and excavation skills from his father ever since he was a child, pursued a degree in Computer Science as he continued to refine his handyman skills. Camarata Property Maintenance is a property maintenance business owned by his father. It operates in Saugerties and the surrounding areas.


Camarata has a wide range of YouTube videos, covering topics such as equipment repair, excavation, and property maintenance. His videos provide valuable insight into various projects and captivate audiences with his hands-on approach.

Relationship Status

Andrew isn’t married, and he seems to put his career first. Details about his romantic life are scarce. Andrew has a strong bond with his golden retrievers, and he often posts snippets on social media.

Net Worth

Andrew Camarata is estimated to have a net worth of $1.3 million by January 2024. The main sources of income for Andrew Camarata are his YouTube channel, his business ventures and the sales of his merchandise, including T-shirts, mugs and mugs.


Andrew has many hobbies outside of his career. He enjoys snowmobiling, tubing, and wakeboarding. Andrew has ambitions to build a battleship one day and runs a clothing brand featuring Camarata merchandise.


Andrew Camarata’s journey as a handyman and YouTube personality highlights his passion, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit. Andrew Camarata continues to make a positive impact on the world of content creation and property maintenance with his growing audience.

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