Chico Bean Net Worth 2024 | Income, Career & Bio

Chico Bean is a multifaceted American comic, rapper, writer and producer. He has made a name for himself as a leading figure in the entertainment business. His estimated net worth in 2024 is $5 million. This is a testament to both his talent and his hard work. Let’s explore the life, career and financial success Chico Bean.


Chico Bean was born Anthony Jamal Bean in Washington DC on February 20, 1988. He has lived through both tragedy and triumph. After his father was killed in street violence, Chico Bean was raised by his single mother Tawanda. He remained committed to his passions despite the challenges.


Chico Bean studied at North Carolina University in Chapel Hill, NC. This is where he probably honed and shaped his comedic abilities, as well as laid the foundation for his career.

Career Beginnings

Chico Bean began his journey as an entertainer in Greensboro in North Carolina. He co-founded “Freestyle Funny Comedy Show”, along with Darren Brand, and B-Daht. The “Freestyle Funny Comedy Show” was the start of Chico Bean’s rise to fame in the comedy world. He performed in clubs, colleges, and universities.

Breakthrough with “Wild ‘N Out”.

Chico Bean’s big break came when he auditioned to be a regular cast in MTV’s “Wild ‘N Out”‘s fifth-season. His sharp wit and comedic timing along with his rap skills made him a favorite of audiences. He was a key part of the success of “Wild ‘N Out.”

Other Ventures

Chico Bean’s talents have been showcased in a variety of projects outside “Wild ‘N Out” including “The Freestyle Funny Comedy Show”, in which he co-starred with Darren Brand, B-Daht and was also able to be listened to on the podcast “85 South Show”, alongside DC Young Fly and Karlous Miller.

Personal Life

Chico Bean’s personal life is kept relatively secret, but it is known that he may be single and have a daughter called Pierce Chanel. He posts glimpses into his fatherhood on social media, but keeps his personal life private.

Social Media Presence

Chico Bean has a large following on social media, with more than 2.1 millions followers on Instagram, over 370,000 followers in Twitter and over 2.1million followers on Facebook. His comedic style and engaging content have won him fans around the world.

Net Worth

Chico Bean is estimated to have a net worth of $5 million as of February 2024. This is a result his career in comedy and rap. He has also been successful at writing, producing and acting. Chico Bean’s diverse skill set, as well as his dedication to his craft, has led to his financial success.

Chico Bean’s journey, from humble beginnings in the entertainment industry to success as a comedian and artist, is an inspiration for aspiring comics and artists. Chico Bean has achieved a respectable position in the entertainment industry through hard work, talent and perseverance. His net worth reflects this.



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