Clavish: Unraveling the Journey of a Rising British Rapper and Songwriter


Clavish is a rising star in UK music. He was born Cian Wright, in Stamford Hill in London, England in 1999. Clavish is known for his catchy beats and captivating lyrics. He has received widespread acclaim with tracks such as “Rocket Science,” Public Figure,” and Greece. He has been a household name for rap and hip hop since he began his career in 2005.

Quick Facts

  • Real name: Cian Wright
  • Nickname: Clavish
  • Rapper and Songwriter
  • Age: 24 years (by 2024).
  • Date of birth: 1999
  • Birthplace: Stamford Hill in London, England
  • Nationality: British
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Hobbies: Traveling

Clavish Age Biography

  • Clavish is a London-based musician whose birth name was Cian Wright. He performs under the stage name Clavish.
  • In 2018, his foray into the music industry was sparked by the attention he received from his freestyle videos.
  • Clavish’s debut single “All These Funds” was released in May 2018. This marked the beginning of his musical career.

Clavish Height, Age and Weight

  • Clavish, born in 1999, is currently 24 years old.
  • He is 5’9″ tall and weighs around 69 kg.
  • Clavish has brown eyes and black hair. He wears shoes in size 9.5.


  • Clavish began his musical journey in 2018 with the release “All These Funds” and a series of singles.
  • The release of his first mixtape, “2022”, in 2021 with tracks such as “Blue Plate” or “Like This” is a notable milestone.
  • In March 2022 “Sold Out Dates”, his breakthrough single, reached #93 in the UK Singles Chart.
  • Clavish released his debut studio album “Rap Game Awful” in January 2023. The album features collaborations with renowned artists like Fredo and MoStack.

Clavish Net worth in 2024

  • Clavish is estimated to have a net worth of $800,000. This comes primarily from his thriving music career.
  • Music sales, streaming services, concerts, and merchandise, such as autographed CDs, clothing, and apparel, are all revenue streams.

Clavish Girlfriend:

  • Clavish is currently navigating the singlehood realm, prioritizing music and avoiding distractions.
  • While his private life is kept in secret, rumors about possible past relationships are circulating.

Clavish, despite his rising fame, remains dedicated to his craft. He consistently delivers fresh music, and his unique flair and talent captivates audiences.

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