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Cody Conrod is better known as Clix in the gaming community. He has captured audiences with his Fortnite skills. Clix was born in Connecticut on January 7, 2005. His journey to fame began at an early age.

Early life and family

Clix was raised by American parents and siblings who also shared his passion for video games. His interest in gaming began early. Clix was introduced to gaming by an older brother. He played titles such as Call of Duty: Zombies and Minecraft before finding his niche with Fortnite.

Career Beginnings

Clix made his professional gaming debut in 2019 as a Fortnite Fortnite player with Misfits Gaming. Clix’s talent caught the attention of both fans and rivals, resulting in notable performances at various tournaments.


Clix’s prowess in the virtual arena was demonstrated by his winnings of approximately $60,000 USD. Clix’s crowning achievement was his qualification for Fortnite World Cup. He made history when he qualified for both the duos and the solos competitions. This solidified his status as a top player.

Twitch, YouTube

Clix’s popularity has risen with the growth of Twitch, YouTube and other gaming platforms. His channels attracted millions of subscribers and followers, and fans tuned in eagerly to watch his thrilling gameplay and engaging content.

Partnerships and Departures

Clix, after leaving Misfits Gaming in 2020, signed with NRG Esports, cementing his position in the esports industry. Clix later left the organization to concentrate on Fortnite streaming and other games such as Valorant.

Personal Life

Clix is a private person who keeps much of his life in the shadows. However, he does share glimpses into his life on social media. He is open about his Connecticut upbringing and dedication to his gaming career. Clix also shared his love of cars and Max, his dog.

Rent and Residence

Clix’s gaming success has led to financial prosperity. His net worth is estimated at $2.2 million by October 2023. He makes money through a variety of streams including subscriptions, advertising revenue, brand partnerships, and donations. Clix resides in a condo in Dallas, Texas.

Continued Success

Clix is still a dominant force within the gaming community despite controversies, organizational changes and controversies. He is admired for his professionalism, dedication, and skill. His unwavering passion and talent for esports continue to inspire gamers around the world.


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