Watch Babyputie Viral Telegram Video: A Tragic Turn in the Life of a Rising Social Media Star

The story of Baby Putie is a cautionary tale in the world of social media. Fame can be fleeting and intense. Baby Putie rose to fame through her captivating performances in TikTok, and on other platforms. However, the career of this Malaysian model and influencer took a tragic turn when a leaked clip emerged.

Baby Putie spent over two years cultivating her online profile, and despite having more than 400 posts on Instagram, her journey was marred with controversy after a private video she had posted online surfaced. Baby Putie claimed the video was fake and found herself in the middle of a storm. The leaked footage gained significant attention, leading to the deletion all of her social media profiles.

Baby Putie, born Tara Lynn in Rhode Island on June 12,1998, is shrouded by secrecy. She has kept her personal and professional lives separate by not disclosing details about her family. This includes her parents, siblings and relationship status.

Baby Putie is expected to have a net worth of $200k by 2023, mostly due to brand endorsements and advertising revenues. Baby Putie is 5’2″ tall, weighs 49kg, has brown eyes, and black hair.

Baby Putie, who was born in November 2004 at the age of 19, has made an impact on social media. She began her career in 2020 and quickly gathered a large following on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. She has over 102k Instagram followers and 10k Twitter followers.

Baby Putie suffered a serious blow when the viral Telegram clip, which she claims to be a fake, went viral. She was forced to delete her social media profiles, including Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, after she received a lot of criticism and backlash.

Despite all the controversy, there are still some facts about Baby Putie. She is known as a Malaysian Model, has a cat and her real name is unknown. Her influence and reach are undeniable with over 40 millions likes on TikTok.

While questions remain about her age and height, as well as her net worth and zodiac, it is clear that the Baby Putie saga serves to remind us of the ups and downs of online fame, and how important it is to protect your privacy in this digital age.

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