Greengirlbella: Unveiling the Enigmatic TikTok Star and OnlyFans Sensation

Arabella Mia is a fascinating figure in the world of social media. Fame can be instantaneous and global. This American sensation is a TikTok model and a TikTok celebrity. She has captured audiences with her captivating content and stunning images.


Greengirlbella is also known as Arabella Mia. She is an American model and TikTok celebrity. She has a large following online under the username @greengirlbella, where she shares lifestyle content with captivating visuals.

Early Career:

Arabella Mia began her modeling career at just 19 years old. She has steadily gained in popularity since then, using her social media platforms as a platform to show off her talent and gain a loyal fan base. Early modeling experience paved the path to her success as a social influencer.

Net Worth

Greengirlbella is expected to have a net worth of $350k by 2023. This is a testament to both her entrepreneurial spirit, and her marketing savvy. This wealth has been earned through modeling assignments and content creation. She also received lucrative brand endorsements.

Family and Relationship:

Greengirlbella is well documented in her professional life, but details of her personal life are scarce. She is not married, and there are few rumors about her love life. This keeps her private affairs away from prying public eyes.

Age and physical attributes:

Greengirlbella was born in 1995. She is now 28 years old. She is 5’5″ tall and has 34-28-36-3 body measurements. Her captivating personality resonates with the audience. Six workouts per week demonstrate her dedication to a healthy lifestyle.


Greengirlbella is a model who also enjoys fitness and street food. Her diverse interests and passions are evident in her varied pursuits. Her favourite color is blue. It reflects her love of vibrant colors that compliment her personality.


Greengirlbella’s residence is not disclosed, but she lives in the United States. She continues to attract audiences with her captivating content and her alluring presence.

Social Media

Greengirlbella has a strong social media presence. She has around 153k Instagram followers and an audience that is growing on platforms such as TikTok and YouTube. Her ability to engage with fans on various platforms shows her versatility as a creator.


Greengirlbella, in addition to her efforts on mainstream social media, has entered the world of OnlyFans where she offers subscribers exclusive content. The platform has allowed Greengirlbella to expand her audience and monetize her fame.


Greengirlbella is the epitome of the modern day influencer. She has leveraged her charm, talent and entrepreneurial skills to build a successful digital career. She continues to inspire and captivate audiences with her unwavering commitment and captivating presence. One thing is certain: Greengirlbella will continue to shine in the social media world.


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